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Araminta Campbell is a luxury textiles company that focuses on quality Scottish production. There are three collections: the Signature range of handwoven wearable art pieces, the MINTA range for contemporary interiors and Heritage, a bespoke design and production service. In 2014, Araminta Campbell represented the UK at the International Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz. In 2017, the company won the Young Scottish EDGE and, in the same year, exhibited at Maison&Objet in Paris and Handmade Kew and Handmade Chelsea in London. 

The brand’s founder, Araminta, reached out to us when she realised the business had grown to attract three distinct audiences for its three core collections. The aim was to rebrand the business in order to provide a different look and feel for each collection.


One of our first tasks was to properly assess and understand the customer journey. Who is the customer? What are they searching for? How did they find it? From a brand experience point-of-view, it was a no-brainer that if an individual landed on the site to buy a throw for their sofa, they shouldn’t have to look at content related to commissioning a bespoke tartan. There’s still more research to be done from a UX perspective in order to properly understand how best to segment those audiences from the first touch, but we were able to visually separate the offerings (a crucial first step).


The company’s primary logo is the founder’s actual signature. As a mark of authentication, we anchored the titles of each colour beneath it. It brings a consistency to the three collections, but also clearly differentiates one from the other. Each collection not only has its own logo, but also an accompanying palette, type and materials selection.


We developed a series of postcards, labels and tags to differentiate each collection. Heritage is a truly unique and bespoke service for the design and production of tweeds and tartans. Devoting time and passion to each commission, it is Araminta herself who leads the process from beginning to end. We developed a tag in which Araminta could clearly describe the individuality of each commission by listing its cloth quality, pattern number, and so on.


MINTA is a contemporary interiors range made from 100% British alpaca, which has been carefully sourced from small British breeders. The undyed fleeces are bespoke spun in Scotland to showcase their natural colours and lustre. They come in 22 natural colours, from black and chocolate brown to grey, white and cream—a palette that is perfectly suited to a stylish home. It was crucial that the tagging system reflected that. The MINTA range is stocked internationally in a variety of retailers so it was essential for it to standout on the shelf.


Each piece in the Signature collection is one-of-a-kind, a handwoven painting. These one-off works are handmade in their Edinburgh studio with exceptional craftsmanship and care. As with the MINTA range, it was especially important for the tagging system to add weight to the piece itself. The reverse of one tag is left intentionally blank in order to clearly outline the provenance of that particular item.


The different types of collateral that we created enable the brand to communicate with its target customers in the most relevant and appropriate way. They’ve honed their messaging, resulting in targeted communications that speak directly to the customer.


What the client said

“Meraki Concept Studio gave our brand a clear identity that matches the quality and aesthetic of our luxury products. The team listened carefully to the requirements of our three core collections, and gave insight on how these disparate lines could be brought together under one cohesive visual identity. We’ve received very positive feedback from our partners and customers about the rebrand, and now have the ability to engage new audiences.”