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Atla. is a travel-focused lifestyle brand: a shoppable world that connects people and places. They explore the farthest flung corners of our world to create the ultimate travel resource for you, the modern-day explorer. Every six months they select a new destination, designing items for your suitcase, which profile and celebrate indigenous crafts. Through thoughtful design and untold stories, Atla. sheds new light on the world’s most exciting destinations.

The founders contacted us to help them articulate and understand all of the research they had done to-date. Though enough for them to develop their first collection, they struggled to communicate the brand’s purpose to the outside world. We were commissioned to commercialise the brand’s purpose; to fuel business success for a purposeful brand that puts humanity at its centre. The aim was to create a brand that was not only relevant to today’s consumer, but countered the fast and volatile world of retail.


Establishing a new brand in a crowded industry is difficult, and choosing to take a stand on ethical manufacturing practices and environmental sustainability takes serious dedication. Atla.’s founders have travelled far and wide, establishing relationships with dedicated manufacturers, amazing craftspeople and people around the globe who care about the future of our planet. The brand produces and sells products with confidence: their dedication showcases that the kinds of people who take responsibility for their products produce some of the highest quality materials in the world. Their customers purchase knowing that they have positively contributed and supported lives around the globe.


During the process, we asked the big, burning questions: Who are your customers? What are you offering them? Who are your competitors? What makes you different? These basic questions are fundamental to any business, but were especially important to Atla. so it could develop mutually-rewarding relationships with its audience. Interestingly for us, the brand is chasing the 2018 consumer: an individual who seeks more than just a transaction of goods/services from brands. Conscious and awake, these individuals connect only with businesses that emulate and reflect their own values, principles and personality.


Another key aspect of our work was assessing the customer journey, and ensuring that Atla.’s messaging was consistent and streamlined. Conversations between the brand and its customers are now easy-to-initiate and quick-to-develop because they understand what Atla. is and how the brand differs from its competition. 


Consider Atla. a concept store-meets-publication; a go-to resource for the modern-day explorer. It is a thoughtfully-developed platform to both buy and explore, providing inspiration in abundance: an itinerary for your favourite city, check; a one-of-a-kind antique, check; a playlist for travel, check. Atla. weaves itself into the fabric of places to produce thoughtful design and tell untold stories, shedding a new light on the world. 


Striking the balance between humility and intelligence, Atla. delivers a wink alongside its wares. The travel-focused lifestyle brand is one of the most exciting businesses to come out of Scotland in recent years.