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Baba Budan is a coffee shop that opened in 2016. Famed for its doughnuts and known for its seasonal food offerings, Baba Budan is part of the eclectic community of bars, restaurants and independent retailers that call Waverley Arches home. 

We were chosen to initiate a partial rebrand of the business, redesign the website and create different types of collateral. The aim was to simplify the overall look and feel of the brand, future-proofing it to explore new avenues. Following the success of this initial project, we were asked to design and implement a series of campaigns to raise awareness of Baba Budan’s masterclasses.


The visual identity was originally conceived and designed by Manchester-based Miss Moco in 2015. After using the logo for two years, Baba Budan realised it was time to refine it and create something with more flexibility. We stayed true to the original design, but simplified it. By deconstructing the logo into three separate elements, we developed a logo system that could easily be used across a variety of applications.


We used these simplified logo elements to create different types of collateral, including aprons, totes, gift vouchers and recipe cards. The aprons and totes are made from 100% recycled cotton; the paper is Grey Smooth from G.F Smith’s Nomad range. It was really important to invest in quality materials for Baba Budan’s collateral. Not only does it enhance brand reputation, but entices customers to return again.


In November 2017, Baba Budan launched a series of masterclasses for aspiring bakers and baristas. Expounding their knowledge of coffee and revealing the recipe of Edinburgh's best doughnuts, the friendly and highly-trained staff deliver the most enchanting classes that welcome people of all ages and abilities. Our first campaigns resulted in a 200% oversubscription rate.