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buff. is a design-led nail workshop in Edinburgh, offering an innovative manicure experience. Named after their most frequented action during the manicure treatment, the workshop has become known for their award-winning custom nail art and long-lasting shellac manicures. buff. is changing the conversation about beauty treatments and is committed to taking the industry out of the minimum wage category. Situated in a recently renovated Victorian railway arch, the Scandi-inspired workshop is a relaxing environment for clients to take some time out for themselves.

We approached buff. to help them grow their following on Instagram through the production of various types of content that inspires, excites and delights their clients. We work with buff. on a monthly basis to manage their Instagram account.


An essential first step was to formulate an Instagram strategy. We had a brainstorm with the team, and discussed what they’re recognised for now and what they’d like to be known as in the future. An obvious starting point was to breakdown the client’s interaction with the workshop. The client books a service that best suits their needs and gathers their inspiration, then the technician formulates an artistic direction and executes the design.

It was clear from the outset that we had to showcase the way the client interacts with buff. across Instagram, thus we had three clear content categories: inspiration, artistic process, finished design. We translate these categories in a variety of different types of content, from animations to stills.


buff.’s technicians are not merely facilitators, but artists. They expertly blend their own unique styles with clients’ tastes, and can sometimes spend weeks developing designs prior to the client’s visit to the workshop. Their flair for shapes and shades is sought after, and their expertise is trusted by buff.’s stylish clients.

We showcase this expertise by developing content that helps clients choose their best bright or find the perfect shade to complement their skin tone. This serves to inspire and instruct, helping clients make the right creative decisions.


We lead smartphone photography workshops with the team, and often share tips for finding the best angles. Hands are notoriously difficult to photograph so we encourage the technicians to make use of a variety of props and clients’ clothes to inject some personality into each individual image. We’ve a VSCO recipe for buff. and edit them on their behalf, saving the team time.

The stylised shots of finished designs sit beautifully alongside the inspiration images. These help to break up the feed, but also inspire clients who don’t know which colours or shapes to pick for their next visit. This type of content supports buff. in its mission to promote the work of fellow artists and creatives worldwide, as it recognises that we seek inspiration from all around.


buff.’s grid does immensely well. It serves to broaden the reach of the business and promote the talent and skills of the technicians. By utilising a high performing hashtag set and tagging relevant accounts, we’re able to continually grow the reach. In our third month, we managed to push content to 75,000 people. That’s 1400% greater than buff.’s total following.

Instagram’s algorithm is continually shifting and updating; grid posts are becoming less visible to users who actually choose to follow you. Stories serve to increase buff.’s visibility to their actual followers. It’s perfect for timely announcement and last minute appointments, as well as recapping content that they might have missed on the grid.


The Scandi-inspired workshop also has a small, curated retail section. They’re the chief stockist for L:A Bruket in Edinburgh, and stock a range of Instagram-worthy publications like RUM and Cereal.

It really is the perfect place to relax, unwind and get inspired.



What the client said

“Meraki Concept Studio have completely transformed and elevated our Instagram account. It continuously delivers results that far outshine our previous efforts, and it looks much better than we could have ever hoped for. Meraki Concept Studio took the time to understand our messaging and the visuals we like, and we’re delighted to see that incorporated into our Instagram account. We decided to work with Meraki Concept Studio as we thought we would work really well together, and we’re really happy with how it’s going. Teamwork makes the dream work!”