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Calm on Canning Street is a yoga studio nestled in Edinburgh's West End. Encouraging an experience of yoga that is a complete system, the studio believes that the essence of yoga is not in the shapes you can make with your body, but the way you feel when you step off the mat and back into the world. As well as offering an extensive timetable of classes, Calm on Canning Street has three wellbeing practitioners on-site, each offering a variety of holistic therapies. 

We were approached by the founder, Katy, to formulate a visual identity for her new yoga studio. Working alongside SPLINTR, who specialise in bespoke fabrication and fit-outs, we created her yoga sanctuary in Edinburgh's West End. The aim was to create an environment that makes people feel nurtured and nourished.


Our very first task was to nail the vibe of the studio. The interior delivers a truly immersive experience, which starts from the moment you enter the studio. It's an escape from reality. The materials were selected for their light and reflection: the sanded floors and white-washed walls are intended to absorb light and sound, enhancing members' experience of yoga.


We absorbed these notions of relaxation, immersion and belonging in the visual identity.The brand's logo responds directly to its core value of how yoga makes you feel. The handwritten "Calm" embodies an exhale, a breath. It instantly makes you at feel at ease, almost weightless. It is both reassuring and welcoming.

The values of connection, community and consciousness are embodied in a series of creative elements that we devised for the studio: a siddhasana pose and lotus flower. The considered application of these elements across a variety of touchpoints help to reinforce Calm on Canning Street as an inclusive, welcoming and attainable studio.


There's a fantastic synergy between the visual identity and physical space. The warmth that we've created is especially important because Katy and the team are entirely focused on bringing yoga, meditation and mindfulness to people who need it most. 


The studio has partnered with FourSquare, a local homeless charity, who use the studio for free on Wednesday afternoons. They're also working with the City of Edinburgh Council's family-based Care Service to run free yoga classes for foster carers every week. The atmosphere that we've created embraces the plurality of the studio's members: helping them live happier and healthier lives.


Calm on Canning Street is motivated to support its members in their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The website thus became not only a functional tool, but a platform through which the studio could connect with its members on a one-to-one basis. The website is a space in which Katy can promote yoga as a complete system, on and off the mat.


What the client said

“I loved working with Meraki Concept Studio. From the minute we met, I loved their ideas, enthusiasm and creativity. They understood and translated my brief perfectly and worked quickly and efficiently. I’m so happy with the result and would highly recommend this talented team.”