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Hemp Eyewear has developed sustainable, leading-edge technologies and combined them with traditional methods of craftsmanship to produce innovative, forward-thinking eyewear. By using one of the most renewable, eco-friendly and diverse resources on Earth, their vision is to promote hemp as a sustainable material for the future. Every frame is handcrafted in their Edinburgh workshop with components that have been expertly-engineered in Germany.

We were approached to design the lookbook for the brand’s first trade show. The aim was to create a memorable sensory experience: something that would stand in affinity with the ethos of the brand and against the cheaply-produced catalogues that are often a go-to for exhibitors.



We created a one-of-a-kind 8-page lookbook—held together by a bulldog clip—which can be taken apart and used as individual postcards. This process of layering is a key asset and an expression that recalls the production process. The company's research into hemp and its possible applications led to the discovery of hemp and flax fibre composite sheet material, which are impregnated with an eco-friendly binder. The composite sheets require compression moulding under heat to form and cure the material.


In order to reinforce the layering process, not only did we keep each individual page separate, but also utilised a variety of different paper stocks in order to distinguish each layer. All by G.F Smith, we selected Heaven 42, Transclear Natural, Nomad Grey Smooth and Black Softy.


In order to connect each individual page and produce a harmonious lookbook, we blew up a technical drawing and carried it across every page. It acts as a series of abstract marks and lines—until all 8 pages are laid flat, when the complete technical drawing is revealed. The lookbook also included some specially-commissioned photographs of the latest collection. 


We utilised several tactile printing processes, including embossing and foiling, to give additional textures and that premium finish. The finished article is one that is simple and spacious, which has strong grid-based text layouts and the right tension between text and image. Most importantly, it is an immersion in materiality. This corresponds to the brand's mission to help its customers understand the irreversible damage caused to our planet by manufacturing unsustainable materials.


What the client said

Meraki Concept Studio brought a fresh perspective and a great energy to our project. We would highly recommend them, especially for high quality print work.