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House Anna is a design studio led by Anna Williams, a Herefordshire-based surface pattern designer. Her journey began a few years ago, when she designed wallpapers for her new home. It was the first time that Anna acknowledged her innate desire to create, and she has since produced an abundance of uplifting and happy designs for all. Anna is known for her signature abstract painterly style with a chintzy feel, which she applies across homeware, accessories, wallpapers and stationery.

Anna reached out to us to help her restructure and realign her business. We conducted a full brand strategy in order to articulate her unique position in what is a saturated industry. We carefully surveyed her competitors, formulated new messaging and defined her target customers. Once we had repositioned the business, we conducted a full rebrand. Anna felt that her previous visual identity didn’t work with her patterned products so we set out to change that.



The original logo was ultra minimal and stripped back. With two stacked lines of sans serif text, it had no personality or warmth.

We were immediately drawn to a script-style logo, which instantly injects life, energy and vitality into the brand and helps to humanise it. The original palette was quite stark, and slightly off-tempo: baby pink and sky blue. Anna liked this palette; all we did was elevate it by making the pink dustier and the blue darker. It now is very rich, and works much better alongside her patterned products.


Anna’s first collection of homewares launched in 2018, debuting House Anna’s two signature fabric designs, Harriet and Camilla (named after her two children). Inspired by her love for Laura Ashley in the ‘80s, Italian terrazzo and all things floral and frilly, the resulting pattern is fun and memorable.

She designs each of her patterns by-hand in her small studio in the Herefordshire countryside; all products are slow-made in England. We worked closely with Anna to develop a plan to scale her production and designs, setting attainable goals and milestones to achieve in the next 5 years.


Anna currently sells direct-to-consumer via her own website, but has plans to wholesale the products through a curated roster of small and mid-size retailers throughout the UK.

We surveyed House Anna’s products and plotted a means to radically expand the current offerings. This resulted in the creation of a brand new service, called Bespoke, which is set to launch in late 2019. This service will enable Anna to facilitate collaborations with an international roster of brands by licencing her designs for commercial use. This goes hand-in-hand with the ability for consumers to purchase fabric by the metre for their own personal projects.


House Anna’s messaging was previously confused and muddled as it presented Anna’s other pursuits—writing, blogging and researching—under the same umbrella. Instead of erasing these outlets, we switched their focus and they are now used as a means to further cement House Anna as one of England’s top design studios for painterly homewares and wallpapers.

The new brand messaging will be rolled out gradually across all touchpoints.


We haven’t yet redesigned House Anna’s website, but we’re hoping to do so in the near future. Our aim would be to provide an immersive, image-led experience that provides endless inspiration and prioritises conversion.



What the client said

“Working with Meraki Concept Studio has been, and continues to be, an invaluable experience. The whole journey with the team has been seamless and professional, and I have gained much needed insight into the inner workings of my business. I now have clarity and confidence, qualities that I previously lacked. I have a future-proof brand strategy and a beautiful visual identity, which will be rolled out across all areas of my business for many years to come.”