5 ways to spring clean your brand


Brands are like gardens that take tending over time. Without regular reviews, they can become stale. To give your brand a good dusting off this Spring, consider the following points.


Evaluate how your time is spent. Accounting, HR, payroll, even social media management, are tasks that don't need to be part of your reality. Seeking help from experts is essential if you want to focus on what you're great at: driving the big-picture vision of your business. Outsourcing such tasks will give you a clear head. Properly-run business operations are key to growth: evaluate what you don't know, seek help from experts, and channel that otherwise wasted energy into driving your business forward.


Have you ever typed your business' name into Google? What blog posts, articles and other types of content are determining how you are positioned on the internet? It's surprising how infrequently people do this. While you can't control what comes up on a Google search, you can take actions via SEO, link building and other activities to bring certain items higher up or lower down on the search results. Set up Google Alerts for your company so that anytime you get mentioned in digital, you're notified. Assess your customers' journey on the web. How do they find your site? How do they interact with it? An analysis of such will enable you to understand what you need to do more of, and what to nip in the bud.


At least once a year, you should have a closer look at the customer you are attracting. Are they the market you envisioned for your business? Taking a fresh look at your audience gives you the opportunity to trim the fat, get rid of the deadwood and plan to go after markets that can become a source of new business.


When was the last time you ensured all of your social profiles were consistent? Do your usernames, bios and avatars match? Are your feeds visually appealing? You have just 10 seconds to make a good impression on social. Don't waste it!


In 2018, the needs of the consumer change on an ongoing basis. Spring is the optimum time to step back and take a wider look at industry trends, significant changes in the markets you serve, and what your competitors are doing. This may prompt you to add services or products that you aren't currently providing, or shine a light on things that you aren't promoting that have potential to be highly profitable for your business. 

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