Beat the Instagram algorithm in 3 simple steps


If you're wondering why one post gets 50 likes and another gets 100, this could be why. When you post on Instagram, it is exposed to just 10% of your followers. The app assesses whether the content is interesting to your audience. If it gets a lot of traction as soon as it's uploaded, then Instagram will push the content to more of your followers.

There's been a lot of buzz lately from people who use Instagram as part of their business and are having trouble getting their content seen by their followers. We feel you! We've been digging deeper to understand what we can do to beat the latest shifts to the Instagram algorithm. We've realised that we need to act like individuals, like human beings, like people who only want to connect with others. Not as an influencer, not as a business. Facebook's recent announcement to strip the social platform of branded and sponsored content confirms this. The following three steps have helped us enhance our own content's visibility on Instagram, and it will work for you too.


Gone are the days where an emoji was a sufficient caption. If you want authentic comments, you need to create thoughtful captions. Micro-blogging is all the rage right now. Many businesses are taking their content straight to Instagram, like Milk + Sugar, Refinery29 and Aesop, to name a few. We always post our hashtags in the first comment of our posts to keep it clean for our followers. But, in 2018, you have to be very specific with your hashtags so that Instagram doesn't see it as spam (spamming will get you shadow-banned). You'll always have more luck a curated set of 10 hashtags, than 30 generic ones. We recommend having a core set of hashtags that you use with each post, then add on specific hashtags that are relevant to what you're posting. Break up a heavy block of hashtags by interlacing some within the caption. Instagram recently updated their Insights and added some fantastic new features. Most notably, you can now see which hashtags are giving you the most visibility. We now regularly analyse the performance of our hashtags. You'll also notice the new option to follow hashtags—do it. Instagram rewards you (with increased visibility) for using its new features. 


Instagram is now thought to be controlling visibility in response to your engagement. You need to respond to comments on your posts within 60 minutes. Remember, to get engagement, you need to give it! Comments are Instagram gold. If you're not replying to comments, you're not being a part of the Instagram community. If a comment doesn't require a response, then show Instagram that you're still there, aware and active by giving it a wee heart. A quick note on comment pods: do not do it, ever. They're inauthentic and can lead to you being shadow-banned. Same goes for comment bots. If a comment is below 4 words, Instagram doesn't count it as real and authentic engagement. Leave extended, thoughtful and inspired comments on the accounts you follow.


Curating your feed is hard work, but Stories play an instrumental role in beating the algorithm. It's the most direct way to reach your followers because, for now, the algorithm largely affects what's going on in your feed. Remember to always include location tags and hashtags in Stories. These small details will greatly enhance your visibility. 

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