Competing for your customers' attention


Attention has always been considered an infinite resource, but buying it is becoming more and more difficult. With more content being produced than ever before, it's hard to know where to be seen.

84% of people expect brands to produce content, but they believe 60% of all content created by brands is poor, irrelevant or fails to deliver. 75% of us expect brands to make more of a contribution to our wellbeing or quality of life, yet only 40% believe brands are doing so. (We found these statistics in Havas Group's Meaningful Brands® 2017 report; click here to read the full study.)

Now, in 2018, every company is a brand, and every brand has become a publisher, and every publisher has become multi-platform and every platform is meant to drive sales. There's simply too much noise. How can your business stand out? How can you capture your customers' attention?

Rather than adopting a regurgitated way of interacting with your customers, consider where you can add real value to their lives. Take email marketing, for example, it's one of our favourites. Your customer's inbox is an intimate place. Stay with them there; stop writing copy for the masses. Your email copy should flow like an alcohol-fuelled catch-up between two friends—not like an awkward, one-sided conversation with an insurance broker. After you finish writing, take a step back and think about whether it reads like a billboard. If it does, take a few more steps back! Use all the information you have on your customer as a means to relate to them. 

Content consumption will shortly plateau, meaning that we're drawing ever closer to a time of peak attention in which brands will have to work harder than ever to compete.

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