Is your business ready for 2019?


Have you set goals to achieve in 2019? Or, have long-term goals fallen by the wayside as you just try to get through the festive season? If you side with the latter, then this post will help you prepare for the year ahead.

We always divide our goals between four core areas: You, Your Audience, The Last Year and The Year Ahead. Each area builds on the last, equipping you with quality plan of action that will make your business ready for 2019.


A crucial first step is to determine your own needs, strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself such questions:

  1. Why did you start the business?

  2. What frustrates you about your business? How might you combat this in 2019?

  3. What do you value and are those values reflected in the way your business operates?

  4. What are the areas of strength you need to be pushing more, or the areas of weakness you could outsource?


The next stage is about knowing your audience and understanding their wants and needs. Ask yourself such questions:

  1. Who are you speaking to? Do you know your audience as real individuals?

  2. Can you visualise your audience? Do you know which podcasts they listen to? Which films they watch? Mottos they live by?

  3. Do you know where your audience hangs out online and offline? Do you connect with them regularly?

  4. Do you know your audience’s biggest frustrations with your industry? Are you alleviating these frustrations through your content, your offerings and your customer service?


One of the most important stages when goal setting is to reflect on the last year. Ask yourself such questions:

  1. What worked? What made you proud?

  2. What didn’t work so well?

  3. What skills did you acquire (or fail to acquire)?

  4. Who supported you along the way?

  5. What were the key lessons of 2018?


This is the area that most people skip straight to. Without reflecting on yourself, your audience and the last year, it’s impossible to plan for the year ahead. Ask yourself such questions:

  1. What does a successful year look like to you?

  2. Could you use the “from X to Y“ formula to define all the small goals that amount to a successful year? For example, £30k turnover in 2018 to £55k turnover in 2019.

  3. How does such a formula work on a basic, 12-month plan? We always find that breaking the year down into quarters helps our clients enormously.

  4. How does this formula look on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

  5. Who can support you in achieving these goals?

  6. What do you need to eliminate, delegate or automate?

  7. What will you measure to determine the impact and success of these goals?

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