We're growing up!


8 months in, we're thriving. The last 243 days have been transformative. Not only have I found my true passion in life, but the business has produced meaningful work that has resulted in profit for our clients. We began 2018 by welcoming our first full-time employee, who assumes the role as Head of Creative Services, and are continuing to build a rich and diverse team of the most talented subcontractors in the UK. All those sleepless nights and working weekends have paid off.

I quit my high-profile job in Dubai to start the company in May 2017. I was watching the small business community thrive in Scotland and the buzz around start-ups was growing and growing. I vividly remember this almost immediate feeling of "I can help!" Enter Meraki Concept Studio.

Wait — I've never properly clarified the meaning of the business' name, right? Well, there's this really incredible technique for naming a business that goes like this: search for the most aspirational word (bonus points for it being unpronounceable), forget its meaning and run with it. The more obscure, the better. Only kidding. I discovered this word a few years ago (most likely on Pinterest though). It's said to be untranslatable, but I found a pretty good translation: meraki [may-rah-kee] (adjective); used to describe doing something with soul, creativity or love, when you put something of yourself into what you're doing. It left such an impression on me. I paired it with Concept Studio because the essence of what we do is generate ideas (concepts).

Zoom forward 243 days and I'm sitting here reflecting on the work we've done to-date. We've helped a range of clients from different industries with varying needs and requirements. All of our time has been spent working on other brands; refining, honing, perfecting. When is it our turn?

Truth is, we had outgrown our own branding. The bold and daring palette was exactly what we needed to get ourselves off the ground. We had to stand out, be noticed, be remembered. It worked perfectly with no client work to present, but now it's not just about us.

We've robbed our initial visual identity of its boldness and colour and replaced it with delicate type treatments and calming hues. We are now the perfect canvas with which to display our clients' work. 

We've also spent the festive period refining our business model and expanding our remit. We're now no longer bound by geography. Whether you're following us in Athens or Auckland, you can still enlist Meraki Concept Studio's services. We've developed four core online offerings, which span how to refine your brand statement to maximising your impact on social media. Check them out here. It'll be really exciting to watch them fly in the next three months. Who will be our furthest client? 

What better time to make these reshuffles, additions and changes than in January? Envious? Let's work together and we'll help you start this year on your best foot too. Click here to send us a message.