You're not always your own brand


As brand designers, one of the most difficult things we have to do is to explain to our clients that they aren't always their own brand. Of course, as the business owner, it's important that you like your own branding. But this doesn't mean that your brand needs to reflect the imagery populating your Pinterest boards. The reality is that a brand is more than ourselves. It is created to attract and serve a specific target audience.

The extent to which the owner's personality and preferences should be incorporated into the brand is determined by a spectrum, which has corporates at one end and celebrities at the other. 

Take celebrities and bloggers, for example. Their audience is following that individual's journey because they resonate with and enjoy whatever they are doing. In this instance, it makes sense that the brand embodies the individual who fronts it.

Some brands become a little more tricky to pinpoint. Take a freelance graphic designer or social media consultant, for example. They use their own name as the face of their business, but they also have products to sell and an audience to attract. It's common to see their personal lives come across into their own branding, but there's a fine balance between what their audience is seeking and the amount of personality shown.

Moving along the spectrum to corporates, we find businesses that create their own identity. They aren't built around the personality of their founder, but rather the motive of their audience. Think about it: if I, as the customer, am after an armchair for my living room and your shop provides it, then why do I need to know what you had for breakfast on Instagram Stories? What value does that give me? There are other, and more relevant ways, to humanise your brand.  

Where does your business fit on the spectrum? Are you the face of your brand, somewhere in-between or completely behind-the-scenes?

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