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Scarlett and Bell is a wedding planning, coordination and styling company based in Edinburgh, covering the breadth of Scotland (including its 790 islands). They are a team of perfectionists, old-school romantics and creatives who can oversee every aspect of your wedding. Their approach sets them apart from their competitors: the team build strong, lasting and meaningful relationships with their couples. They take the time to get to know them, hear their story and, most excitingly, translate their personalities into their big day.

Mercedes, the brand’s sole director, approached us to realign and rebrand the business after the departure of her co-founder. Full of ambition, Mercedes wanted us to help her propel the business to another level. The goal was to put Scotland on the map as the ultimate destination for weddings.



The previous logo was loaded with inflexible elements. We created a visual identity system that contained multiple individual elements that could be used together and in isolation—they can now be used across multiple touchpoints and in numerous formats.

We made something of the SB initials (the family names of the company’s founders), but removed the ampersand. The handwritten SB exists as a kind of authenticating mark, a stamp of approval. We paired it with the company’s name, as well as a tagline. It was an unanimous decision to utilise this as we were thinking about all possible applications of the logo—booths at wedding fairs, image-led adverts in publications, and so forth. Even without an introductory text, people would instantly know what Scarlett and Bell did. We aligned the company’s name and tagline to the right, and the handwritten element to the left. This gives the latter the space it needs to be fully appreciated.


In the last 4 years, Scarlett and Bell has established relationships with the country's top venues and forged strong connections with Scotland's most unique artisan suppliers, from florists and bakers to stationers and make-up artists. The creation of bespoke packages directly respond to the needs of their couples, whether that be someone to plan a wedding in its entirety or someone to set up the décor. Scarlett and Bell can also plan your wedding within just 5 days, if spontaneity is your thing.

The multiple offerings required us to think of all possible interactions Scarlett and Bell’s target customer has with the brand. Did the vibe we created suit the type of customer that enlisted the company’s services? Did it fit the journey these customers would take?


Not only did we consider customers’ interactions with the brand, but also the ambitions of Mercedes (now the sole director). She injected renewed life and vision into the brand—how could we capture that? We quickly realised that Mercedes wanted her business to have conviction. Scarlett and Bell are coveted wedding planners. Now was the time to push the brand’s reputation of its quirky and creative offerings even further in order to attract their ideal couples.

We created a line of collateral that captured this. The company is meticulous in everything it does, so we applied the same care and attention to its stationery. No touchpoint was left unaccounted for.


The collateral comes to life through our materials and colours selection, which exudes quality. We’ve selected multiple papers from the G.F Smith Colorplan range, including Stone, Mist and Racing Green. We’ve suggested that the brand places its assets onto beautiful paper, as opposed to reproducing the palette in print. Digitally, Scarlett and Bell have a wealth of colours to choose from, which we extracted from photographs of Scotland. Signature colours like “gorse” and “pine” sit alongside a palette of neutrals, such as “oat” and “tablet”. We affectionately named the palette after the place in which the brand wishes to cement as the ultimate destination for weddings.


The final stage of the rebranding process was overhauling the website. What was previously dated and dysfunctional, now streamlines the team’s workflow and clearly articulates what the business offers.

Artboard 1.png

Beautifully displayed on all devices, the website we’ve created is totally responsive. We took the time to properly map out users’ journeys, and consider every possible interaction with the website. This enabled us to navigate them throughout the website, seamlessly. It’s intuitive and immersive, without being confusing and “too much”.


What the client said

“Meraki Concept Studio have an innate ability to welcome you in, understand you and your vision for your business, and communicate how they can help make that a reality. My branding did not represent the business I had developed since its conception, but I did not know how to proceed nor what I was looking for. Their team expertly drew out what I wanted to portray and designed a concept representative of Scarlett and Bell at its core. What they created encapsulated exactly what I felt my business to be, and everything I hope it to become. Their work, alongside their understanding and support, has propelled my business to a new level. I look forward to continuing our work together.”