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Space at Seventeen is a concept that nurtures ideas and ambition; a space in which individuals and small businesses come into their own and flourish. Situated on the coveted St Stephen Street, Seventeen is a place to develop and realise new ideas; a transformative space that promotes discovery and provides clarity. As each new resident brings their own perspective and talent, another leaves with enhanced insight and new experiences.

We were approached by the concept’s founders, Jack and Jess, to create the visual identity and design a welcome pack for tenants.


Space at Seventeen has been operating since the beginning of 2019. Though without a visual identity in the beginning, the founders gathered ample inspiration for what they wanted it to be. The clarity afforded in those first few months of trading highlighted what was important, and what wasn’t.

For us, and indeed for Jess and Jack, the visual identity had to connect with the physical space. We acquired the architectural drawings of the space and extracted the lines and angles that resonated most. The primary logo’s tiered layout is structured according to the internal walls in the space; the omitted bars from the “A” characters serve to represent an empty space, waiting to be occupied.


In contrast to the primary logo, the secondary logo showcases the numerical 17. The layout, again, is inspired by the physical space. In our efforts to mimic the lines of the window panes with the slender numbers, we were cautious not to over simplify it. We’ve retained full legibility, and the secondary logo satisfies a dual purpose: functional in its display of the number 17 whilst relating directly to the space.

The visual identity benefits from a colour palette that’s contemporary and current. We found paper equivalents for the digital swatches to ensure that the brand’s image was maintained across all touchpoints, digital and physical.


Seventeen required a welcome pack to inform residents of everything they need to know throughout their residency, from testing fire alarms, taking meter readings and insuring their contents. We collated all of this information, housing it in an individual keepsake folder.

Telling the story of the space and how to ensure smooth daily operations, the welcome pack’s inserts follow a layout that is easy to follow and understand. We provided these inserts in editable format to enable Seventeen’s founders to update, as required.


Guided by a minimalist approach, Space at Seventeen’s welcome pack retains the reader’s attention through its regimented grid layout. The use of typography and blank space make for an uncluttered design that puts emphasis on the contents of the pack.

The inserts are two different paper stocks: Natural from G.F Smith’s Colorplan range and Fawn from Arjowiggins’ PopSet range. The sleeve is Green from G.F Smith’s Wild range. The range of paper we’ve used produce exceptional value for the Space at Seventeen brand, cementing it as one of Scotland’s most exciting concepts for private hire.



What the client said

“Working with Meraki Concept Studio was completely smooth, from start to finish. The team greeted us with so much warmth, and totally understood our concept from day one. They translated what we and Space at Seventeen are about into a visual identity and a welcome pack that we’re so proud of. Their attention-to-detail is impeccable and their work is performed to the highest standard. We wholeheartedly recommend Meraki Concept Studio to anyone who asks, and we’re looking forward to working with them again in the not-so-distant future.”