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treen is a vegan fashion retailer offering a variety of style must-haves from a carefully selected group of brands that make a positive difference. The brand was founded by Cat Anderson, a fashion graduate with over eight years in the fashion industry, who has struggled to upgrade her wardrobe to match her new vegan lifestyle. Living ethically is complicated, and knowing how to make the transition from fast to slow fashion can be a challenge. treen exists to make the process as seamless as possible, supporting conscious women who are making small upgrades or wardrobe overhauls.

Cat reached out to us to create the brand’s visual identity. We were responsible for overseeing all customer touchpoints—from collateral and packaging to website and Instagram.



treen is affectionately named after the founder, whose nickname is Treen. Stylised in lowercase, the name embodies the inclusive and friendly reputation the brand wishes to establish. After consulting on the naming process, we began to build a brand to match.

We were immediately drawn to the colours of our planet—earthy, warm, neutral. The darkest green, extracted from our forests, sits alongside the richest nude, reminiscent of our sands. The brand name sits in a serif typeface that gives it just the right amount of character and personality.


Packaging was the primary vehicle through which the brand’s message could be communicated, strengthened and never forgotten. We consulted with a variety of suppliers from the UK and Europe, gathering numerous samples before settling on our wonderful line-up.

Sourced from Packhelp, the mailer boxes are made from ecological cardboard with black overprint. Made from three layers of corrugated cardboard, the materials are selected to provide the best protection for the goods whilst keeping the weight low. The mailer boxes feature a handy closure so there’s no need to use additional adhesive tape (an essential feature in order to ensure they were vegan friendly). We worked with Westford Mill to source the totes and drawstring bags. They are committed to making sure their products are produced ethically and sustainably. The totes and drawstring bags are made from 100% organic cotton that’s been independently verified. The cotton itself has been purchased at a price that allows cotton producers in developing countries to sustainably invest in their business and communities.

All orders are placed in a drawstring bag, and treen encourages all customers to reuse it for toiletries, groceries, laundry, and so forth. Totes are offered as an alternative to paper bags, free-of-charge. The larger, heavier weight tote can be purchased separately.


Collateral was another means to reinforce the brand’s message. The business cards are premium and memorable, and help strengthen treen as a brand that’s both informed and passionate about its cause. The business cards are white foiled on Racing Green from G.F Smith’s Colorplan range.

Customers are encouraged to hold onto the info cards to remind themselves of the brand’s mantra: A killer wardrobe without killing the planet. In a frame or as a bookmark, its uses are endless. The info cards are white foiled on Tan from G.F Smith’s Nomad range.

The business cards and info cards were printed by none other than Jane Street Printing Co—our go-to printer since our inception in 2017.


The website was built from scratch on Shopify, and was one of our most complex builds to date. We had to integrate multiple plug-ins and apps into the user’s journey, ensuring that they were all compatible. We structured all products offline, prior to importing to the website, according to a stringent set of requirements.

The website is truly immersive, one that draws users in to the world of treen and its brands. We worked on a series of features, like linking Instagram posts to the products with hot spots. These pulsating little spots create a dynamism which, along with the parallax scrolls and small zooms, create something that’s both engaging and interesting to navigate.


The website is compatible on all devices, but the mobile experience was prioritised. Before the brand even launched, we understood how much mobile traffic would be generated through Instagram.

A thorough understanding of the mobile and tablet experience was something that also informed treen’s emails. There is nowhere more intimate on the internet than our inboxes. Email is such a personal way of communicating, and we’re always preaching to our clients to respect that. When we designed the emails required for treen, we kept two things at the front of our mind: who we’re writing to and why we’re writing to them.

treen is now ready to establish, grow and nurture their relationships with their customers through a series of transactional and curated emails.


We launched treen on Instagram, and continue to manage its digital presence. The first week saw the brand acquire a staggering 1,091 followers. This was the result of setting up each post with success in mind. We devised a performance-driven set of hashtags, used location and user tags appropriately, and engaged with relevant content. This enabled us to spread the brand’s message fast.


Shot by Adele Russell and styled by treen’s founder, the photographs fit within treen’s visual identity. As more and more images are added to the #shoptreen hashtag, these photographs will be joined by user-generated content. This is an exciting addition to the grid layout, and is a great way for treen to strengthen its connection with its community. It also sends an important message that the products are of high quality, and that the brand is worth endorsing.

With its completely unique offering, treen is already causing a lot of noise in Edinburgh. A welcome addition to Edinburgh’s roster of independent boutiques, it is primed and prepped to conquer the digital realm too.



What the client said

“Meraki Concept Studio are a wonder! I couldn’t be happier with the way treen came to life. Greeted with smiles and open minds at our first meeting, I knew we were onto something good. It was as if they hopped into my mind and pulled out my vision for treen; every single detail was considered. The team are friendly, helpful, creative and will go above and beyond for you. I felt an immense amount of support throughout each stage of treen’s creation, and have learnt so many new skills to help grow the business. I cannot recommend them enough!”